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Friday, January 13, 2017

How I learnt to be a healthy yummy mummy :)

I have been a baker since I was 12 ☺ Would practice baking in my aunt’s house (the only 1 where I found an oven, and I could get the whole and clean kitchen to myself ☺) Neighbor’s and dads would drop by smelling the sponge cake, and grab a couple slices 
Heck, I even wooed my husband, baking him a birthday cake, and valentine cupcakes he still remembers!! Didn’t realize that until just now ;)

But ever since my father in law (Diabetic since age 32) passed away from having a second massive heart attack at the age of 57, I started taking my baking very seriously....

Turned out all of the white flour, and white sugar and decide to start afresh!!

Suddenly, I was not the only 1 who was to avoid all of this ‘junk’, but in fact, all in my family !
It’s one of those days, when the sun shines through the blinds and renders my curtains 'Golden'..... when you did not imagine you’d be blogging about this, but here I go

I love to prepare a meal for my family, and there’s no greater satisfaction to the soul, than to get a happy smile on the kid’s faces as they devour it all  
And of course, also my husband’s face 

So, unlike the notion most people have, about healthy cooking being about unappetizing ‘boiled vegetables’, hard-to-bite bread, and a complete abstinence of butter, and ghee and any sort of oil on the earth……..

Well I’m glad to say, that it’s none of that!!

Can you imagine this cute little face  eating all of the above junk, and still smiling contently like this?

So just 3 points to 'Know' the food you prepared for your family is in fact, 
'NUTRITIOUS' for them!

  1. Respond to what each person ‘feels’ like eating and respect it. No '1 MEAL FOR ALL' policy. Use recipes that your grandmothers and your husband’s grandmothers prepared: Be inspired to follow recipes of those who have lived long healthy lives from your or other's lineage . We want to build a long living, thriving generation!                                                                                                                                  
    1. Define input ingredients of food to be as close to mother-nature as possibleLearn how each ingredient can nourish us, and provide us with better health 1 meal at a time! Cooked as well as raw. We want to stay in touch with our roots to feel grounded and safe as we nourish our bodies ☺               

  2. Inspect output of each meal.  i.e. ‘mood’, ‘energy’, ‘ brain function’,  ‘cravings’, ‘sleep’, ‘poop’ , 'symptoms post meal' etc.  Parents need to monitor these, for their kids of course. But this is also 1 more thing they will pick up on, when we routinely ask them the questions: Did you sleep well? How was your day? Do you feel fart-y to today? 😔 Hmmm.... got to watch out for too many xxx that we had yesterday ! And also the dreaded: ‘What was your poop structure in school? Are you a superpoop hero yet ! Or like Mine didn't take too long today :) did yours ?  

  • Believe me, the latter question goes a long way for people all ages, to determine what’s really churning within them. Poop is a topic most of us avoid for want of being 'civilized', but heck these are our kids, and we cleaned their poop at least for the 1st 880 days of their life... what's the shame in making sure, it still looks right and that they're doing well on the inside ? 
  • A food that appears to be ‘text book’ healthy has no meaning if it cannot be digested well by our bodies.                                
  • Quantity, Quality, Variety and familiarity plays a huge role when it comes to foods, and our digestive systems!!   So always try new foods in small qtys with kids, but be sure to try at least 1 bite !!!
  • And it helps too, to cumulatively monitor how well our table manners are serving us, like eating when hungry, not starving for long and then overeating !

Making basic, nearly out of the earth ingredients taste 'Rocking': 

The Most 'Rewarding' creative outlet for the mom in me !!! 


A small step to raising a 'Giant Healthy Generation' !!!

*P.S.: Keep in mind, that everything begins with us! The souper models for our kids 

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