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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our Brain shrinks as we age

Effects of unhealthy eating and lifestyle show up differently in different people:
  • People like me who get FAT from unhealthy habits:  WE can actually visually see what's happening, and couple humiliations later, decide to turn things around.
  • People like my grand dad, who always looked fit, despite doing no exercise, and eating no green leafy vegetables, had developed diabetes in his old age. He was overall slim, but had a slight belly protruding, though not much really !

This is a story about my grand father ...

So even after becoming diabetic, he did not work on doing the right thing for maintaining his blood sugar.  And as he aged, he began losing memory, and things got out of hand.  
There was a time when he began to forget how to get back home, then his name, and eventually failed to recognize most family members... 
1 day, he lost balance, and fell while he was bathing and hurt his head.
This was literally the end of his journey with us, as he lost his ability to speak, hear, feel, and respond to anything around him. 

Was so painful for all of us to see him and his brain go through this active degeneration process.

This was in stark contrast to his wife: who was 10 years older to him, and yet continued to thrive.
My Grandma was the healthiest role model I ever had in my childhood ! She was active all day long, and ate a well balanced diet, high in Fruits, vegetables and strictly no meat. And she lived to be a 100!

As a couple they had been very religious and chanted holy prayers daily. Not sure why their fate was so very different from each other :(

I recall clearly my memory of my grandfather, staring at my sister and me with a stone face, but soft, loving, and caring eyes...  I burst into tears, and ran towards him and hugged him tight, just wishing to god something or someone could reverse time, and make him young and healthy like before!!!!

Well, it so happens that today, I came across an MD Doctor's work that does this for millions of people .... 

Dr. Daniel Amens is a psychiatrist. He runs an initiative called "Change your Brain Change your Body" and lays out step by step how one can cut through the viscious cycle of chronic disease syndrome and reverse effects of age and unhealthy lifestyle to restore our brain and hence overall health!

Dr. Daniel Amens says that depression, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and alzheimer's disease, have the same root cause, and whatever our vulnerability in terms of biology, psychology, spirit and social well-being, we can fight these effectively using the same arsenal of weapons. but we must first 'know our brain' and characterize it's weaknesses and then address them one at a time.

Visceral fat is one blaring indicator, that we're getting tangled in the chronic disease syndrome.

So, noticing signs and symptoms of an ailing body, can help us save our brain and bodies earlier instead of 'never'......

We need to listen to our body, learn from other's experiences and our mistakes.
Work towards longer term prosperity

Our Brain is involved in everything we do:
  • Think, feel, act, interact
  • Our Intelligence
  • Our Character
  • Planning and decisions
* When our brain works right, we work right *

We can decelerate Brain Aging by tending to it daily like a gardener who loves his plants. And making sure we replicate the manure, sunlight, water, neighbors of the brain, which are as follows:

  • Making Good decisions
  • Being Conscientious
  • Having a positive peer group (Like-minded people who accept and boost you)
  • Protecting our brain from injury (avoid heading sports, motorcycle riding and such)
  • Clean environment (Trees, low pollution, keeping air filters up to date, purifying drinking water, getting a load of disinfection from the sun! )
  • Aiming for good physical health (Over daily stresses and strains)
  • Maintaining healthy weight with no visceral fat
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep
  • New learning (Engaging in mind developing activities like Chess, painting, singing, creativity)
  • Great diet (Think leafy greens, and walnuts :))
  • Wise energy spending (No busy work!)
  • Omega 3s (Fish, flaxseeds, walnuts)
  • Exercise (Think renewing, challenging, rewarding exercise)
  • Gratitude (Maintaining a daily gratitude journal)
  • Stress management (Find your own unique recipe for stress control that works for you!)

My grand dad was an Army Man

While I'm unaware of any emotional traumas or head injuries, or lack of companionship he might have felt post his army days...We are very proud of his legacy. 

His discipline in time, money and memorizing Birthday's, and showering all the love and affection on grand kids !!! I love him with all my heart and miss him !

We will all learn from our extensible lineage and cherry pick the good fruit, while leave behind the rotten..

Feed your Brain well !

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