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Friday, May 19, 2017

Are we MINERAL Starved !!!

All of us have heard that we need supplementation to get all the nutrients we need..

Even if we eat sufficient vegetables, the vegetables have much less nutrition left in them these days.

VEGETABLES DRAW Nutrition from their MOTHER EARTH. But she has been rendered devoid of nutrients due to NOW Conventional farming methods (Non-Organic) to produce:

We need to SUPPORT our LOCAL ORGANIC FARMERS as much as possible,  and tie up with those who STILL USE methods that sustain SOIL PRODUCTIVITY !!!

There are some products out there to handle this situation, like:

But there is still no substitute to eating a RAINBOW COLORED VEGGIES each day, and loving REAL FOOD for what it gives us.

The problem is really at the root of the farming process.

Possibly, we all need to look seriously into growing most of our own produce, and learning, using crop rotation, and organic farming 😲

Am sure we will find a solution !

But It's important to first know, acknowledge, and understand the problem at hand..

Light hearted OPTIMISM: Is like a cat closing her eyes thinking noone sees her stealing the milk....

But guess what... that's OUR FOOD they're messing WITH ! 

OUR KID's LIFE and HEALTH will be exponentially WORSE THAN OURs :
If this trend continues.. 

AND REMEMBER, we will be long gone.. our kids will be left fighting the odds..

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