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Monday, May 1, 2017

Hypothyroidism.. is there a natural cure ?

I've recently spoken to a couple of my friends and some relatives as well, who have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

 Also a friend happened to asked me whether I had hypothyroidism when i was little.. And although I was never tested and hence not diagnosed.... It got me thinking... as really, I was quiet a balloon back then ;) And used to be depressed and low on energy a lot!

So I thought of putting out a post on this topic, and I will keep updating it as I find more/relevant information !

For those of us who would like to refresh their minds about thyroid issues, here is an introduction from webmd:

So from my research, I found that there are a couple of things that can be done to support our body to heal itself naturally, and hope to handle the root-cause. The basic causes are:
1. Toxicity in the body
    Exposure to BPA, heavy metals, tobacco smoke)

2. Inflammation due to:
    Stress @workplace, relationships, personal, psychological. 
    Diet issues like Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio imbalance, too 
    much refined carbohydrate intake (like white rice, white 
    flour, white sugar), white salt (no minerals), too less healthy 
    fat intake, Dairy, Casein allergy other reasons)

3. Deficiency in Selenium and Iodine.
    We can easily resolve this by: Eating a soaked Brazil nut a 
    day for selenium, and Eating seaweed (Nori, Kelp, 
    Wakame, Kombu) on a regular basis for Iodine.

4. Low Immune System function
Functional Medicine Doctors actually go to the root cause and fix the REAL underlying issues (Which are surely not a 1 size fits all treatment), as our bodies are pretty complex, and solution might be quick and simple for 1 person, while more 'complicated' or simply 'different' for another.                          

I wanted to share a couple of resources you can find online, that are from my trusted sources that I wanted to share, so those interested can get started:

  • Dr. Axe: I found this most useful and to the point.
  • A Chiropractor himself suffering from thyroid issues shares his extensive knowledge about the body, how T3/T4 work in our body and his extensive suggestions. Quiet detailed on 'why' of things:

  • Some articles from Dieticians/News in India:

PREVENTION is BeTTer than cure (at least in my way if thinking)

And if not in normal range, apply the natural methods to get back on track.
A healthy lifestyle and diet always has something to benefit, so adapting it before going for a test, can be self-validating: If it changes how you feel, and get through the day !

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