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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Idli chutney - the nourishingmom way 😉


Spiced Idli n Chutney: 

Chez nourishing mom .... Done ❤️


What a delightful meal t'was today with hubby licking his tomato chutney fingers 😍.... 
We all enjoyed a tricolor BANG ! of tanginess, sweetness, spiciness mixed into varied textures of Crunchy peas, Creamy avocadoes, juicy coconut, and melt in ur mouth - mushy sweet potato chutney 🙋

Homemade Pea-Studded Spiced Idlis are a favorite with my kids now 🙋

And Today's dinner was all about variety: the spice of life ✨

Spiced Idli Chutney : Chez nourishingmom

Idlis : 

1 cup Amaranth, 
1 cup quinoa, 
1/4 cup white Cannelini beans, 
1/4 cup red kidney beans, 
1/8 cup split moong lentil: 

Soaked the mix overnight, 

Ground it up in Preiti mixer next morning

Fermented all day today 🙏

✨Spice up ur Life!: Added asafoetida, turmeric, black peppercorn ground, Himalayan pink salt, coriander powder and cayenne to taste 😋

✨Steaming: Lined my Idli makers with coconut oil , then put thawed frozen peas, and overlayed with idli batter ☺️💪

Steamed each batch for 20 mins. 
And then let it cool for next 10 mins before pickign them out from the idli moulds using a slightly greased butter knife..

✨coconut chutney: Roasted 1/2 cup Chana dal till golden brown in coconut oil tempered with cumin seeds and chopped ginger. Then sautéed a medium size chopped red onion, and ground it all up with jut enough water to enable a smooth grind . Done! 

✨tomato chutney: Sautéed 1 large sweet potato, 3 tomatoes, 1/4 red bell pepper, and a few grates of Beetroot in coconut oil tempered with carrom seeds n cumin seeds.. Then zoomed up the blender : no water required 👍🏻 (makes double the qty shown above..) Hubby loved it even though he has no sweet tooth 🙋

✨Avocado-pea chutney: mashed up half an avocado,  squeezed 1 full line, roughy ground 1 cup thawed peas, added cumin powder, Himalayan pink salt, topped with roasted cumin seeds.

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